My Staff

from Moglia di Sermide (MN)


At 18 just turned, exiting the hotel school, is taken in the old Dogana and passes directly under the directives, to say the least, of my mother. In a few years is transformed and becomes a point of reference. It is one of the few young men who know how to make the dough with the rolling pin, loves to do the first and its meat sauce, but his forte is the preparation of desserts. After an earthquake in 2012 was released by customs of Pillars in order to experience elsewhere, but just opened in Ferrara I realized that Elisa was important and, after a brief courtship I was able to bring her with me. From May 2015 has entered the kitchen immediately became the reference point for all staff and beyond.


from Pilastri di Bondeno (FE)


Raised in Pilastri, very young he studied hotel management school and after various internships at other locations has managed to get into my restaurant in Pilastri, although I was skeptical, thanks to excellent references received from his professors. I must admit my mistake, because entry together with the chef Luca Civenni, proved immediately wakes up and well disposed towards the kitchen, learning fast everything so much to get to clean and fillet the fish almost … but almost as fast as the chef.


from Marina di Ravenna (RA)


In presenting chef Luca Civenni you are likely ever to leave out something given its long career. Born and raised in the sea, has learned all the secrets and knowledge of fish directly from the fishermen of the port of Marina di Ravenna. Tv face in the 90’s, he worked in many locations in Italy and beyond. Called multiple times in schools to teach cooking, you have defined from a customer “the wikipedia of  cooking”.


from San Felice sul Panaro (MO)


Hotel management school in Poggio Rusco, another guy coming out of my zone, where we grow with the culture of work without much stink under me I could “lock” before they ran off to work in an important local near Lake of Garda. It is the newest but already has climbed the charts coming to be my reference point: I hope you do not mount the head and keep it up.


from Ferrara (FE)


He has always worked in the city and it shows: he knows everything and everyone, helping me a lot in understanding who I’m facing. It’s my personal tank, always and never stops !!!


from Ferrara (FE)


Is my wife works with me for “love”. Did’t make the hotel management school and it shows, but you have to understand it and above all forgive her !!!



And this is me: the beauty is compensed with the skill and sympathy. I have only ever done this job: at 8 years my parents would send me into the mail room of the restaurant with the bow tie and jacket, at 11 years I also do the receipts and bills (by hand) for customers, at 14 I had become the accounting structure of the company, at 18 I had to confront unfair banking and vendors who were trying to “play me” at 24 I was given the keys to the restaurant, a pizzeria, a bar with a large number of employees and they told me: “Help Yourself !!!”. I was so happy, finally I could do the job that I loved so much. At the beginning of 2000 became professional sommelier and the following year the first AIS official taster of the province of Ferrara along with two other colleagues. Having had a hotel, bar, pizzeria, restaurant, restaurant I’ve dealt with all kinds of customers, from Mason to the engineer, from truck driver to lawyer, enriched to noble, becoming almost psychologist and smiling at everyone. The only customer who still find it hard to bear is when you combine the different types of ignorant-arrogant, but I’m working so hard on it.