Latest shots for the project Dogana in Fotografia

Last photographs that will be exhibited for Dogana in Photography, created by Stefano Bottoni, which resulted in Ferrara, among others, the Buskers Festival, and now this project over a year. A series of exhibitions that have sought to emphasize the art of photography but also a historical place unknown to many Ferrara. Many years have passed since, in another city location, Massari palace there was a room dedicated to the art of photography, a gallery in the early 90’s was closed. More than 20 years after it was created an initiative that does not want to imitate but to create an opportunity for seven photographers who will exhibit for the entire 2016. The last, on display until January 26 next year, is the 30 year-old Ferrara Jade Frost . Recreate the atmosphere of nineteenth-century cafe where they found themselves artists. This is one of the objectives of the exhibition.