Benedetti and his Camera con Vista

Camera con Vista is the name of Massimo Benedetti photography staff that opens today at 18 in the Restaurant Dogana on Via della Luna, 30 in Ferrara. The exhibition is the fourth of the seven that are part of the “Customs program in Photography”, an exhibition conceived by Stefano Bottoni and his Workshop of the Buttons and left last February. The title of the exhibition – the same as a book that the artist is building – plays on the double meaning of “room”, the room with windows, what, in English, “camera”. As explained by the same Benedetti, they are, therefore, “both a world point of view.” For his photographic creations, Benedetti prefers, also black and white. As he always says, “black and white helps me to extract the soul from things, to better understand what is behind the patina of reality. It is minimalist and not the mind, not distracted by color sophistication. ” The exhibition will remain on the wall until next August 28th, and will be open to free entry from 09 to 15.30 and from 18.30 to 24. The next exhibition of Dogana in Photography, Joe Oppedisano, will open next September 3rd.

Andrea Musacci