The enthusiasm and talent of Bruno Droghetti

After fifty years of experience in the world of photography, it is not obvious yet able to renew their passion. Bruno Droghetti, photographer 71enne, is, however, one of those photographers who continued with enthusiasm to always seek new subjects for their own creations. Yesterday afternoon in Dogana Restaurant Via della Luna, presented the new staff, the second of the Dogana project in Photography, organized by Stefano Bottoni and his Officina of buttons along with the owner of the restaurant, Valter Lucchini. Until next May 12, 2016, Droghetti presents thirty photos taken roughly between 2010 and 2015 during the historic Spring Festival and festive allegorical floats and thought, event taking place for 117 years in Casola Valsenio (RA), between April 25 (with daytime parade) and May 1 (with night parade). Droghetti is Fotoclub partner of Ferrara and collaborated with the Ferrara Buskers Festival, directed by the same buttons. In recent years his art projects have also focused on the universe of concerts, theater and on that of violin making. Just Buttons, after underlining the importance that “individuals, like Lucchini, donate space and enthusiasm” to art, spoke of Droghetti like one of those photographers who “have the history of the city in hand, being so many years every citizen event “and thus fulfilling an important work of visual documentation. The Dogana project in Photography, which will alternate until the end of year five other photographers, born to resume the legacy of this Photo Gallery at Palazzo Massari. The project is organized in collaboration with Lions Club Ferrara, Ferrara Photo Club Photo Club and The Sunflower of Voghiera.

Andrea Musacci