The shots of Martina Rubbi

The old headquarters of the pawnshop that hosts photos of a young photographer of musicians. In acting as intermediaries, one of music he will be. Born from these synergies the first exhibition of the Customs project in Photography, Martina Rubbi, titled Istantanee Emozioni (snapshots emotions), hosted in the Dogana Resturant of Valter Lucchini Via della Luna, 30 in Ferrara, and conceived by L’Officina dei Stefano Bottoni buttons, artistic director of the Ferrara Buskers Festival, which explains the importance of giving space to creative young people, to help to bring out their passion. Until March 24, 2016 can be seen about twenty shots of musicians such as Giacomo Marighelli and Silvia Zaniboni, or participants of the Buskers Festival in the years from 2012 to 2015. “I do not like to pose subjects – he explains – but I love to catch them while you are carried away by the music. ” The artist has also created the backgrounds of the photos, in black paper with burnt edges, while wooden frames were created by his father. Martina Rubbi, class ’95, lives in Voghenza and is registered to the social and cultural educator course at the University of Bologna. At 15 he began to photograph, and only two years later he won the 33th National Photo Contest Vittorio Bachelet of Rome, under section 25. He dreams of being able to continue to live his passion for photography, and, one day, be able to capture his idol, Bruce Springsteen.

Andrea Musacci