Dogana in Fotografia : a place for personal photography

Dogana in Fotografia is the name of the ambitious project, a collaboration between the Dogana Restaurant of Valter Lucchini and The Workshop of Stefano Bottoni, to resume the legacy of this photo gallery until twenty years ago at Palazzo Massari. The first exhibition of the project was inaugurated yesterday in via della Luna, 30 in Ferrara. Star of the show, the young photographer Martina Rubbi and his personal Snapshots – Emotions, open until next March 24, 2016. The artist, by some called the “artist of life” began photographing 15 years, and two years later with photography “ecstasy in a statement” wins in the section Under 25, 33 ° National photographic Competition Vittorio Bachelet of Rome. The Rubbi discreetly and standing slightly to one side, trying to seize the soul and emotions, especially musicians, in an interesting cross between music and photo shooting.

Andrea Musacci